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3 Tips for Academic Success

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3 Tips for Academic Success

Academic success does not only depend on intelligence. Although this is an influential factor, it is not the most important one. In fact, someone can be highly successful without being the smartest person in the room. On the other hand, a person with intelligence above average is not necessarily successful in academics. The recipe for academic success varies according to each person. After all, everyone is unique. However, we have prepared some general guidelines that, no matter what the student’s specific skills are or how his or her personality is, will help you or your child thrive on the academic life.

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  1. Have a Designated Study Area

Many students do not have a space designated for studying or doing their homework. Instead, they do so in their bedrooms, living rooms, or wherever they are in the moment. Even though in can work for some, research suggests that having a designated study area helps improve academic results drastically. Having a room or space exclusively for studying allows the student to focus all of his or her attention on the task that is being worked on in that moment, whether it is doing some homework, reading or studying for an upcoming exam. And it works for everyone. Students who do not have trouble concentrating and are not affected by external activities will focus that attention entirely on whatever subject they’re working on.  And, in the same way, students who have difficulty concentrating will supress all those external distractions, and their only focus of attention will be their homework.

  1. Make a Schedule

Having a schedule helps significantly in having a detailed picture of what one has to do. By designating certain times of the day to specific activities, you will be able to be on top of everything. And, it does not have to be written in stone. Although the reason of having a schedule is to follow it and respect it, with time you will learn to organize it according to your everyday priorities. Summarizing, it will help you to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline that can hardly be achieved otherwise.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

As in all aspects surrounding existence, equilibrium is crucial for academic success. Someone that focuses all his or her energy in only one activity will not have the most successful results. Academics is not an exception. Students need to alternate their academic activities with extracurricular ones such as sports, music lessons, or any other subject that interest them. By doing so, they will be able to forget for a minute about school and focus on something completely different. Moreover, they might gain insights from these extracurricular activities that will eventually be useful in their academic and even personal lives.

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