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At What Age Should Children First Start Thinking About Careers?

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At What Age Should Children First Start Thinking About Careers?

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The world is a vastly diverse and fascinating place with countless ways of answering difficult questions. When it comes to the topic of our children’s development, those questions become sensitive. But it’s this sensitivity that inspires dialogue on how to expand our knowledge and improve on what we already know. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel to want to make things better. Which brings us to the following question. At what age should we deem it appropriate for our children to start thinking about careers?

Traditionally in the United States, many students begin to ponder career options during their undergraduate years. College is the point at which they must first select a major. They must examine what they could do with that degree and how it fits into their goals and interests. In some parts of the world, parents believe their children have the capacity to ponder such questions much earlier in life. Studies show they might be onto something.

Why Primary School Isn’t Too Early To Think About Careers

The most important factor to keep in mind is that asking a question is not conducive with demanding an answer. Exposing younger students to the possibilities that lie in their futures serves the simple purpose of planting a seed. It is a means of raising awareness with regards to what career paths are viable and how they relate to a student’s personal interests. As long as a student is learning new skills and information, he or she has the capacity to determine the degree to which a given topic interests him or her. To that effect, encouraging students to equate their interests in school with ways to apply the skills they gain in class to the real world could thus be instrumental towards motivating them, rather than discouraging them.

Finding The Appropriate Age To Start

Studies show that children as young as first and second grade showed the capacity to recall the significance of what they learned and how it applies to the world up to five months after having learned it. Critics may argue that this prevents a child from enjoying his or her youth. This begs the question, to what degree does spreading awareness about the future intervene with your capacity to enjoy the finer things of the present. But studies by the Career Development Institute suggest enjoyment of the now need not be mutually exclusive with awareness of the future.

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