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Children and Homework

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Children and Homework

Homework is one if not the most disliked terms by children when it comes to academics. It does not matter how well or bad a student’s performance is, homework is always a burden. And, children are not to blame. As it names suggests, it is work to be done at home, which is the place where children are to relax and forget about school. But, however boring it might be, it is a crucial aspect of the learning process. Without it, school would be futile for an average student.

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To better understand the homework issue it is imperative to first know why it is so unpopular among most children. According to Big Apple Tutoring, one of the most renowned homeschooling in NYC and private tutoring NYC’s companies, the main difficulty with homework to be appealing to children is that it demands they spend some of their time off doing school work. Most children coincide that they prefer to spend their time off school not having to think about it. However, what they don’t know is that school is a full time activity. The time spent outside of school must be a complement of the learning process. To better understand this, here are two main reasons that explain why homework is so important.

It Reinforces What is Learned in School

Homework not only allows students to review what they learn in school, but also to put it in practice by problem solving, critical thinking and some other methods. Additionally, it lets students process all that acquired knowledge by themselves, giving it meaning according to their individual cognitive abilities. In this way, students develop their analytical skills and start shaping their own perspectives of the world.

It Creates a Sense of Responsibility and Organization

By having to organize their own time off in order to meet school deadlines, students learn to be responsible for their own actions. Moreover, it allows them to learn to multi task effectively. When children start taking full responsibility for their homework, they develop a set of skills that would be useful during their entire lives. Normally, students have to deal with different subjects; therefore, they deal with different types of homework and have to meet different deadlines. This leads students to effectively organize their time and assign priorities.

Despite homework’s bad reputation, it is one of students’ best aides. Understanding its importance and the impact it will have in the long run will have an extraordinarily beneficial effect in students’ not only academic, but also personal lives.


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