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How To Deal With ADHD In Grad School

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How To Deal With ADHD In Grad School

The Myth That Only Kids Have ADHD

There’s a lot of talk in public discourse over the rising concern of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in our youth. But not enough people are discussing how the disorder is affecting adults in American society. It’s a myth that the disorder suddenly disappears once someone hits a certain age. In reality, ADHD can follow you all throughout your life. It can inhibit you when performing simple to complex tasks. Not to mention the infinite selection of distractions that persist throughout the day. With the help of an academic tutoring services NYC company, you can make this struggle disappear.

How ADHD Affects Grad Students

You know you have to pay your taxes, or respond to that email. You’ve started working on thesis countless times. But whenever you sit down to get something done, a text arrives on your phone. A siren sounds outside. Or a Facebook notification pops up on your computer screen. You tell yourself you’ll just attend to this one last thing before getting started. Before you know it, a small menial task has transformed into a two hour mission. After a while, you begin wonder whether getting through grad school is even possible.

Why Adults Blame Themselves

But having dealt with these struggles your whole life, you’re not about to start complaining about them now. You continue to tell yourself that it’s your fault for allowing yourself to get distracted. You feel guilty, but you refuse to make any changes. Well, you can go through life for as long as you please living like this. But if you want to make things easier for yourself, the first step is to acknowledge that, in fact, it’s not your fault. In reality, you’re not alone in this struggle. There are solutions, many of which do not involve medication.

3 Fool Proof Solutions

  1. Get organized: The first step combating a bad habit is to prevent it from happening. If you designate a workspace free of noise and distracting technology, you can minimize how easily you get side tracked.
  2. Manage your time: Next, keep an eye on the clock and set deadlines throughout the day. If you convince yourself that you must complete this task by this time, then you feel more motivated to do it. To-do lists work wonders for those with attention problems.
  3. Love yourself: ADHD is fueled by your acceptance that has overpowered you. It’s crucial that you recognize your talent and value, and that you treat yourself well. A healthy diet, steady exercise, and the genuine belief that you deserve to move forward in life will motivate you to fight back when those distractions tempt you.


Have you found that graduate school is beginning to feel impossible. Largely due to your inability to buckle down and get anything done? Are you concerned that your ADHD may be too powerful? This thesis won’t write itself, but fear not. With the help of academic tutoring services NYC company Big Apple Tutoring, you can be your best self. And at the end, you will earn that masters, and you’ll deserve every bit of it. For more information on Big Apple Tutoring’s services, give them a call today at 212-479-0830.

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