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Exam Tutors Being Treated Like Celebrities

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Exam Tutors Being Treated Like Celebrities

The modern and slick entrance hall at one of Hong Kong´s education centers, has a very similar look and feel of a movie theatre lobby. It´s complete with loud teenagers waiting around once school is out. But the images lining the walls aren´t those of movie stars, but instead, tutors. Big Apple Tutoring is a professional agency boasting years of experience, dedicated to bringing you some of the best tutoring services in NYC.

Super Competitive Industry

The tutoring business has become as fiercely competitive in Hong Kong as the competition amongst schools. ´Cramming Centers´ are a new craze hitting Asia with a massive amount of competition. They compete for business by turning their employees into idols, placing their names and faces all over the city´s buses, metro stations and billboards.

Of course tutoring has existed since school, but what makes things interesting in Hong Kong, is the fact that star tutors have found a formula to success. They work in an industrialized way, focusing on mass production.

High school students in Hong Kong used to require to take two major tests. However in 2009, the Bureau of Education cut that down to one. This move was supposed to increase whole person development and lifelong learning capabilities. Reducing stress and student anxiety was another reason for introducing this new rule.

This move didn´t work in quite the manner the politicians had intended. With students´ futures now riding on one single big test, the tutoring business has increased exponentially. The bureau now counts about 2,500 registered private schools, of which includes tutoring centers. This equates to more than double the number of primary and secondary schools in the whole of Hong Kong.

One business, providing tutoring services, has more than fifty learning centers. Not to mention an annual advertising budget of more than $1 million according to one spokeswomen.

A tutor working for this particular company claims she has taught over 100,000 different students in the previous decade. She goes on to explain how the company´s most popular tutors earn upwards of $1 million per year. She further states that the portraits of her appearing all over the city are so heavily edited, that she doesn´t feel like a celebrity outside of the classroom.

“Only my students can recognize me, so it´s not that awkward.”

Although this article focuses on Hong Kong and the tutoring markets in Asia, the same is being recreated right here in the United States. The level of competition amongst students and parents is always rising, meaning the tutoring industry is booming.

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