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Homeschooling in Manhattan – Keep Your Costs Down

homeschooling in Manhattan

Homeschooling in Manhattan – Keep Your Costs Down

If you aren´t happy with the schooling options available for your child, you might well be considering home schooling. Big Apple Tutoring offer some of the best homeschooling in Manhattan. They encompass a dedicated team, with vast amounts of experience. All of whom are readily available to assist your children in all areas of school.

However, one major concern parents share with home schooling, is finances. But now there may be a solution. Or at least means to alleviate some of the money-related stress that comes with choosing un-conventional education.

Home School Co-Operatives

Home school co-ops are a fantastic option for any parent involved with home school. They help spread the costs of homeschooling as well as allowing parents to take a well-earned rest. The beauty of a home school co-op, is that it offers a place where all home schoolers can meet under one roof. With regular lessons taking place almost every day, students can benefit from freelance, yet certified educators, offering the expertise in a variety of subjects. The teachers can teach more a less everything from chemistry to elementary economics, and guitar to karate.

Classes for these kind of co-operatives vary from $5 – $15 per student, per class. Factors that might affect the price, include the qualifications of the particular teacher, the geography of the lesson and the size of the class. The majority of parents who home school their children welcome these co-operatives as, “worth every penny for many homeschooling parents who need a little help.”

“There are some classes, as parents, we can teach, but sometimes a certified professional is what we need” says one parent utilizing a co-operative based in Tampa Bay, Florida.

As well as targeting education options, home school co-operatives also provide other possibilities. For example, a wonderful opportunity to network and support, for both parents and students alike. Furthermore they provide parents the chance to swap curriculum and supplies, which depending on the subject and grade level, can be very expensive.

“Whether its maps for your geography class or a full math curriculum, we just tend to pass it along.” Says another parent utilizing a co-op scheme in Portland, Oregon.


One individual who started a home school co-operative in Washington, had some invaluable advice to offer. Her advice was targeted at all parents struggling with costs concerning homeschooling.

“I strongly recommend networking on social media as a way to share, sell, or give away curriculum. Also make the most of social media to find out about field trips and events for home school students. Additionally, parents receive educator discounts, and often receive admission to museums and attractions at a reduced cost. Furthermore, companies like Barnes and Noble, Microsoft and Apple offer educator discounts on books and electronics.”

To conclude, there are a few money-saving tips out there for all those home schoolers. Just be aware that you are not alone, and across the country there are thousands of families similar to yourselves. For affordable yet quality homeschooling in Manhattan, get in touch with Big Apple Tutoring. A dedicated agency putting your child´s progress at the forefront of everything, are sure to bring results.

Give Big Apple Tutoring a call today on 1 212 479 0830.

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