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How To Improve Your Child’s In-Class Study Habits Outside The Classroom

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How To Improve Your Child’s In-Class Study Habits Outside The Classroom

What does it take to make school work fun? As a parent, how does one convince his or her child to actually look forward to going to class in the morning? These are the kinds of questions every parent asks each year. Unfortunately the answer isn’t as clear cut as one would like. But that doesn’t mean the answers aren’t there. It just takes a bit of thinking outside the box. An effective strategy for motivating your child is paying closer attention to what your child does outside the classroom. We’re referring not just to his or her extracurricular activities, but also to your child’s lifestyle and daily habits. Here are a few examples. [Related topics: private tutor nyc]


These are the years in which you will have the most influence on what your child eats each day. As your child grows older, he or she will begin to depend on you less, and thus will have the liberty to eat as much junk food as he or she pleases. Your mission is to instill healthy dietary habits prior to this phase of life.

A good diet leads to healthier sleep and more energy, which are just the kinds of things your child needs to give his or her utmost attention to the teachers. Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast with fruit, milk, and protein. Go the extra mile and pack your child’s lunch. A sandwich and water bottle is likely far healthier than the cafeteria food. And finally, eating together at night is not only crucial to your relationship with your child, but also to his or her physical health.


With a healthy diet and good dietary habits, your child will have the energy to last all the way through the school day and still have energy to hit the soccer field or basketball court after class. This time is also crucial, as exercise is not only vital to physical health, but also to mental clearness. Physical exercise helps the mind digest information just as well as it helps the body digest food. Without exercise, your child will arrive home even more exhausted than if he or she had been playing sports. And as a result, your child will have no motivation to do homework, which will lead to your child falling behind little by little in class.

A Good Night’s Rest

You may have noticed that all of these factors intertwine with one another. Without a healthy diet and consistent daily exercise, your child will have trouble falling asleep at night. And if your child doesn’t sleep, he or she will have less energy to play sports after school, which leads to the vicious cycle leading to poor study habits. But aside from exercise and diet, distancing your child from technology and screens prior to going to bed is also vital to a healthy night’s rest. If your child falls into the habit of falling asleep with the TV on, it will lead to habits that cause insomnia.

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