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New Tutor? Follow This Guide…

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New Tutor? Follow This Guide…

So you’re struggling in class and think it’s best to receive help from a tutor. Great decision! Nobody wants to struggle in class and nobody should enjoy retaking an exam. With the help of Big Apple Tutoring, retaking exams is a thing of the past. With an exclusive academic tutoring program available in New York City, they are sure to help you with the subjects in which you’re struggling.

Below is a preparation guide to getting the most out of your tutor. Just because you are paying somebody to help you, doesn’t mean you will necessarily see an improvement in your grades. There are some things you need to do on your own.

Find five top tips, from Big Apple Tutoring, you can do before your first tutoring session below.

Talk To Your Professor

Advise your professor that you are struggling in class and that you’ve sought the help of an external tutor. Because your professor has probably had a say in the courses modules, they are expert in what they are teaching. They may be able to offer you some advice on how to approach certain areas, and more importantly what is important to understand.

Furthermore, they may be willing to chat with your tutor about what they should focus on, and what you appear to be struggling with. It’s also good practice for your professor to be aware that you’re seeking extra help as they may cater towards you and your areas of concern, more.

Set Targets

In order to achieve anything for yourself, you need to have set a goal! This goal should be both measurable and attainable. Saying to yourself, “I want to become a better performer in class” is not a specific or appropriate goal. It isn’t something you can measure, or reflect upon. Instead try, “I want to end this class with a B+ grade.” This goal is both measurable and achievable.

Before you meet with your new tutor, make sure you have an obvious understanding of what you would like to achieve. You should make your tutor very aware of your goal as they can help plan to achieve it, as well as tracking your progress.

Create A List Of Questions

While you’re sat in class, or completing homework, start a list of questions that come to mind. If you don’t have the opportunity to ask them in class, write them down so you can ask your tutor. Before your first session with your tutor, have a list of at least five questions you need help understanding. This will allow your tutor a place to start and will let them know what you need to focus on. It will also relay to the tutor that you are pro-active and looking to learn.

It’s good practice to continue doing this throughout your tutoring sessions. With each new session, should bring new questions from the previous week’s classes. If you have any questions regarding the homework the tutor has assigned, ensure to ask them!

Organize Your Current Class Materials

Organize all the materials you have received from your professor. This includes presentations your professor has shown you, textbooks, any notes you may have taken etc. Generally speaking, anything that includes information about the topics you want to focus on will be important.

Offer these materials and resources to your tutor so they can understand the focus your professor has for teaching. It may be about Edwardian literature, but the professor is likely to take a certain approach to how he teaches it. This will give your tutor a good insight, and will allow them to make a decision on how best to approach it.

Don’t Be Shy

Be ready to open up to your tutor. It’s normal to feel vulnerable when you are struggling to grasp a concept or understand a formula. This is okay – your tutor is here to help you and knows you don’t fully understand the material.

If you don’t understand what your tutor is teaching you, don’t let embarrassment rule you. The whole focus of having a tutor is to work one-on-one and improve any areas of concern you may have. By working together on a regular basis you and your tutor will start understanding each other. The more sessions you have, the more comfortable you will feel.

In Conclusion

We, at Big Apple Tutoring, are sure that if you follow the above tips, you can have a successful and effective relationship with your tutor. Should you require academic tutoring in New York City, get in contact with Big Apple Tutoring now! Their reliable and friendly team are sure to offer you the academic assistance you require – no matter the subject, no matter the level.

Call Big Apple Tutoring now on 1-212-479-0830.

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