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Tips For Stress-Free Homework

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Tips For Stress-Free Homework

Homework is something not many enjoy, but a necessity of school life. It can cause tensions amongst families, whilst also creating passionate arguments. With the help of Big Apple Tutoring, we are here to tell you that homework doesn’t have to be full of stress when looking to the future. With a well-thought out routine, and a few of our simple tips, you can transform homework time into something more fun. Big Apple Tutoring offer exclusive tutors in the Manhattan area, ready to help your child with their homework or studies.

A Regular Routine

A regular homework routine will give your child some consistency when it comes to completing their homework. The more you encourage, that homework should be part of a normal routine, the less your child will see homework as a chore. Instead, it will be seen as a normal, everyday thing, like brushing your teeth, that before too long will become habit.

Creating a homework calendar is a fantastic idea that will help your children a lot. Children often have a variety of after-school activities, so being able to plan homework around those activities becomes easier with a calendar. It will allow your child to become organized, whilst also feeling settled about a consistent routine.

A top tip is only allowing your child to partake in other activities, such as watching TV or playing video games, once homework is complete. Your child should always understand that play time always comes after study time. This is a valuable life-lesson and will put your children in good stead for future life.

Appropriate Breaks

Don’t expect your children to sit doing homework for long periods of time, without taking a break. We know both adults and children have a particular concentration span, and utilizing breaks is vital to their successful studies. It’s not uncommon that your child may receive more homework in one evening than others. In these cases, allow your child a healthy and revitalizing snack or a small time-out in between tasks.

Children generally return home from school, hungry. So having a snack ready or a dinner can mean a smoother and less problematic afternoon of homework. When offering your child snacks, try and avoid sugary foods, as this commonly leads to a mood/energy crash. Instead, consider fresh fruits or yoghurts to keep your child healthy both inside and outside.

If your child isn’t hungry, but needs a break, you can always have fun with them, laugh together or do some silly exercises like star-jumps. This will help reduce stress, increase concentration levels and provide your child with some extra energy.

Create A Homework Station

Creating a homework station can be a simple, yet incredibly effective idea. Ensuring that your child has their own private place, where they can sit stress-free to complete their homework is extremely important. A child that completes their homework on a kitchen table won’t feel entirely comfortable and homework is likely to feel like a chore. However, if you offer your child a regular homework station, they will feel much more comfortable about the work they have to complete. Furthermore, it will add to creating a healthy and consistent routine for your child.

A homework station can be a desk in a bedroom or a study etc. It should be a place where homework completion feels comfortable. The station should include all necessary tools and resources, including dictionaries, stationary, notebooks, rulers etc.

If your child has everything they possibly need, they will not have to continuously leave their desks to search for tools/resources they require. Utilizing a homework station is a great way to ensure homework is completed promptly, whilst also keeping your child calm and comfortable.

No Distractions

A distraction of any kind can lead to homework being incredibly stressful, incomplete or completed to a poor standard. Ensuring your child doesn’t have access to mobile devices, playful siblings or loud TV’s will remove any temptations to stop with their work. Making sure that distractions stay away, will lead to a quiet place, where children feel comfortable completing their work.

Help Them But Don’t Do It For Them

It’s completely normal for your child to become stuck and require additional help during homework time. Always maintain a positive attitude and explain problems without giving away the answer. Showing your child you believe in them enough to complete difficult tasks, will give them self-belief to complete it themselves. Maybe you give them a hint, or a formula, and they do the rest.

Encouragement is vital for school children, especially when it comes to completing homework. You should encourage your child to conduct their own research, guiding them along the way if necessary. Give examples where possible and tell stories that may give them some additional ideas. Go through and correct together, any mistakes your child may have made. You can then practice problems together making learning more fun for you both. Practice, practice, practice is the key to understanding topics moving forward. Don’t punish your child for making mistakes, but instead praise them for trying and revisit any problem issues/subjects.

In Conclusion

Homework may not always be a fun part of your day, but it doesn’t have to be a chore or laborious. Nor should it be the source of passionate arguments, or constant disruption. With Big Apple Tutoring, and the tips above, you can ensure that homework time becomes a daily routine and isn’t the reason behind continuous arguments. Ensure you’re always supporting your child and their efforts when it comes to homework, and allow a degree of independence.

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