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The Unexpected Academic Benefits of Homeschooling

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The Unexpected Academic Benefits of Homeschooling

Despite what some people might say, homeschooling your kid poses several advantages both academically and in terms of lifestyle. If you’ve considered homeschooling in NYC but you have doubts regarding the advantages for your children, keep reading. You might find how homeschooling in NYC or any other city will benefit your kids.

There are several benefits of homeschooling your kids. First of all, they will have several academic advantages. This is one of the great things about homeschooling in NYC where there are so many highly qualified tutors.

Amongst these academic benefits you can find:

Top notch education:

One of the ultimate goals of homeschooling is to provide your kid with the best education possible. This will maximize their chance of succeeding in life. Homeschooling is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. In general, homeschooled children perform better on standardized tests. A recent comparison of SAT scores, showed homeschooled children averaged 568 on the verbal test and 525 on the math; the national average was 506 on verbal and 514 on math. Even if you think those are not significant differences on an individual level, on average these are very significant for populations of students.

Improved higher education opportunities:

Homeschoolers are becoming more and more sought-after for higher education. Many colleges and universities are not only allowing homeschoolers to apply for admission but they are encouraging them to do so.

Dedicated teachers:

An extremely important factor in the education of a child that has a significant impact is the teacher-to-student ratio. The fewer students, the higher the degree of connection between teacher and student, which increases the amount of dedication a teacher gives to a specific child. Since most tutors do homeschooling largely on a one-on-one basis; there can’t be a better teacher-to-student ratio, which makes homeschooling the best scenario.

Tailored education:

When tutors tailor education to a child’s specific capabilities and personality, there’s a massive positive impact in the way a child assimilates and acquires the information and knowledge given to them. This also helps the child excel in specific areas of knowledge that not only accelerate their education in those areas but also increases their chances of succeeding in that particular field. At the same time, if a child struggles with some subjects, tutors can bring additional resources in to overcome those difficulties.

Integrated and consistent education:

Since the same person manages homeschooling over a long period of time, the child’s education can be more consistent, based on a long-term plan in which each topic taught and the experience gained benefits seamlessly with those that have come before. Also, highly involved parents provide extra support and understanding of the learning process, improving greatly the performance and the results of the child’s educational journey.

Better teaching materials:

Contrary to popular belief, schools are not always equipped with better materials and and resources. In fact, homeschoolers might have access to the best teaching materials available, as they’re not attached to a specific institution and they can explore various labs, museums and facilities that are well-equipped with specialized guidance from their tutor and the personnel of every specific institution. Further, homeschooling allow parents and tutor to choose teaching materials based on the child’s individual needs and capabilities.

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