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The Value In Compartmentalizing Your Day

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The Value In Compartmentalizing Your Day

Maximize your productivity with compartmentalization. This will allow you to be more conscious and aware as a member of society. It makes you more intentional with your actions, allowing you to measure your productivity more effectively each day. Big Apple Tutoring is a top private tutoring NYC company. They recommend the following.

1. Identify and isolate the challenges of your life

Take a step back and look at what are the struggles of your life. Perhaps you feel a friend of yours did something that bothered you. You also feel you’re falling behind in class and maybe aren’t getting as much on-the-court time in basketball. Identify each of these issues as separate entities so you can address them individually. When they overlap, you become less effective in tackling any of them.

2. Make a conscious effort to focus on each of the compartments

Once you’ve identified what are each of the compartments, you can be more intentional in making them better. How did the conflict with your friend begin and what actions can you take towards resolving it? Why are you falling behind in class and what can you do to catch up? What are you doing in games or practice that your teammate is doing better? These are all questions you can more effecitvely answer when you’ve separated them into compartments.

3. Take actions with baby steps in the time you spend focusing on each compartment

By thinking specifically on each compartment, you can figure out how to actively, as opposed to passively resolving them. The next step is to take those actions. If your dispute with your friend was over a comment he or she made in the presence of your peers, identifying why you didn’t like it will allow you to confront your friend in a more constructive way. By recognizing that you didn’t do your homework this week and as a result feel behind in class, you’ll be more motivated to want to do the homework next week.

4. Don’t let compartments overlap

Set a window of time in which you will focus on one compartment. Once that window of time comes to a close, it’s time to leave that compartment alone until tomorrow, or the next time in the day you plan to focus on it. So when you set aside a time to think about and address the issue with your friend, you should not be thiking at all about your homework. And when you sit down to focus on your homework, do not allow what happened earlier in basketball practice to become your central focus.

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