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Auditory, Kinesthetic & Visual – Which Learning Style Are You?

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Auditory, Kinesthetic & Visual – Which Learning Style Are You?

Learning is a complex process and every individual has their own style and methods. Each individual learns in a different manner and only you know which learning style suits you best. A learning style is a style in which a student is able to understand and learn topics easily. Big Apple Tutoring is a leading tutoring agency based in New York City that offers a wide variety of tutoring services Manhattan. With Big Apple Tutoring, the tutors are able to adapt to various learning styles and in the following article we will explore the most popular three learning styles.

Auditory Style

Students who learn more by listening to lessons are auditory learners. Auditory learners are able to retain vast amounts of information through discussions and explanations. Aural learners like to listen to music, sounds, rhymes and poems whilst learning. They find it beneficial, after taking notes to record themselves and playback the notes of their lessons.

People who are educating individuals who are auditory learners should read text aloud as auditory learners learn a lot from the pitch, speed and tone. They are able to memorize the instructions given verbally, and find solutions in discussions and arguments. These particular type of learners enjoy games that involve dictations, presentations and recitations.

Kinesthetic (Physical) Style

Kinesthetic or physical learners are individuals who make use of their bodies and senses in order to learn and retain information. These type of learners benefit from regular short breaks in between work in order to concentrate fully. They use body language as well as gesticulation in order to communicate their ideas and thoughts.

They don’t find it beneficial to just sit down and read a book nor do they benefit from diagrams and images. Physical learners much prefer to involve themselves in physical activities such as role-play and presentations. Additionally, they grasp subjects more easily involving sports, dancing and other exercise-based/physical activities. They learn and memorize topics by sensory stimulation.

Visual Style

If it includes, images, diagrams, pictures, charts and graphs then visual learners are benefitting! Individuals who are visual learners prefer that their teachers use videos, posters, clips and presentations when teaching. They learn very easily with demonstrations as opposed to lectures. When reading, they are able to retain the information and then draw images in their head to clear things up. Visual learners are absolutely the people at the front of the class taking notes.

Visual learners do not cope well with distractions. Furthermore, these learners love to draw and scribble in their notebooks utilizing a plethora of colors. For visual learners, teaches and tutors can also use various games, including picture games, reading games and interactive board games.

In conclusion, it’s absolutely vital that a tutor understands their students learning style and adapts the lessons accordingly. If a tutor understands an individual’s learning style, a lesson will be far more beneficial for everybody involved. If you are interested in receiving tutoring services Manhattan get in touch with Big Apple Tutoring today. With flexible tutors that have experience with all learning styles, contact Big Apple Tutoring today and realize how they can help maximize your child’s full potential.

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